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Online Vocal Lessons

Welcome! Are you interested in taking voice lessons with me? You can study voice lessons with me from anywhere in the world via Zoom! I currently have several students across the U.S. and Europe! Each individual voice lesson is customized to fit your unique voice type, range, and style. At each lesson, you can expect to work on vocal technique through vocal exercises, breath work, and song interpretation or what I like to call, "acting through song", which is probably one of my favorite parts of the lesson. As a teacher, it is vital to me that you not only know and learn the correct technique, but that you can connect emotionally to each piece of music you perform. A voice without heart and soul is like a ship without sails. It may be something to admire, but its not going to go anywhere. I truly believe our number one purpose as singers is to be fully human, and by that I mean connecting with our own emotions so we then in turn can give that to our audience.

If you would like to set up voice lessons with me, contact me for available lesson times! 

Half Hour Session: $30.00

Full Hour Session: $60.00

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