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Cassie Blanchette makes her Solo Debut in "I Dreamed a Dream" at Feinstein's 54 below!

I am so incredibly excited to have the opportunity to produce my own show at 54 Below! This has been a dream of mine since as long as I can remember and it would mean the world to me if you would come along on this journey with me! I'd love to see you there, my friends! Having a dream isn't easy, and going for it with all that you have is harder still, but what I have learned over the last few years especially is YOU get to decide how big your dream is. If you think there is more for you, then go find it. Don't wait for life to happen to you, create it! Create the life you desire. Sure obstacles, doubts, fears and trials all will come, but what matters is a willingness to persevere and to never give up despite whatever may be thrown at you. Who's life are you living? Yours or someone else's vision of who you should be? Are you hiding your dreams from the world like I did for so long? Are you trying, making an effort, or have you given up? I'm here to tell you never to give up. If a girl from "nowheresville", Ma. can sing with a couple of Broadway singers at her own show, believe me, you can go for your dreams too! It's not going to be easy. In fact, its going to be really hard. Its going to suck and even when you feel like you're on the right path, you'll get knocked down again. But its worth it, its so worth it. For all the lessons it teaches us about life, love and faith. The minute we can take control of our lives and take full responsibility for EVERYTHING in our lives, that's when we can experience true freedom, that's when we can begin to dream and BEST OF ALL, that's when we can help others realize their own potential and fight for their dreams too. I want to be YOUR biggest cheerleader. I want to encourage YOU along this journey, cause Lord knows we sure have a lot of critics, but I say if you're not in the arena also getting your butt kicked, your opinion doesn't count. So, my friends, to anyone that has a dream, I'd invite you to come out to this show of mine and lets have a chat about your dream. I want to inspire and encourage you to once and for all make that step that you've been waiting to take for so long. That concert you want to produce, the business you want to start, the non profit idea you cant stop dreaming about. Its YOUR time. Lets do this!!

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