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Album Release Date & Photos!

I am so incredibly happy to be writing this first blog post! My album, "Just a Whisper" is set to be released for pre-order on July 2nd! Thank you all who have encouraged me on this journey! The album title "Just a Whisper" was inspired by the Frank Wildhorn song called, "Gold". The lyrics that especially grabbed my attention, "I know my voice was just a whisper, but someone must have heard, there were nights the moon above me stirred and let my life take hold! I rode across that sky and once I touched the gold, here in my own two hands, I once held the gold". I truly believe my voice is "just a whisper", but I also fully believe those whispers can make an impact on the lives of others. Music has always touched my soul and brought healing and joy into my life. It's humbling to believe that my voice could do the same for others, and I'm so happy to hear it has all ready! I'd want nothing more than for people to find some sort of peace through my music and particularly this album. Sometimes we can make the mistake of thinking our voices are insignificant, that what we have to offer is "just a whisper" in comparison to all that is out there, but we need not compare, but only remember that even whispers can make an impact and change a life! Don't let your imperfections stop you from grabbing hold of the "Gold"! More than anything, I hope this will be an inspiration to all! Yes! YOU! I AM TALKING TO YOU! That thing that's gnawing at your mind this very instant, that thing you KNOW you should be doing, but you are too afraid of your imperfections and you feel unworthy! I am here to tell you that you CAN accomplish those things you've set out to do! Know that you are worthy and that your imperfections, well, they make us human and they make you, YOU!! Sending so much love to you all <3


PS Here is a sneak peek of the song "Gold" AND some fun shots we took for the album!!!

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